About us

About us
David S. Hadiwibowo
Founder & President Director
PT. Tirta Teknosys established since 1989 and has worked on water treatment and waste water treatment projects from various cities and towns throughout Indonesia.

PT. Tirta Teknosys is a company that initially engaged in clean water treatment and sewage treatment and began in 2006 to expand its wings in the field of air sterilization. Becoming a Member of WQA since 1989 and Regional Institute of Environmental technology and obtaining certification from the American Water Works Association and Water Factory System.

Supported by a professional, reliable and experienced workforce in their field makes PT. Tirta Teknosys as a company that has professional performance. In addition to supporting professionalism, PT. Tirta Teknosys provides Laboratory facilities (Physics – Chemistry & Biology), workshops and the latest systems & technologies to support the speed and accuracy of service.

PT. Tirta Teknosys always has a quality commitment to produce quality products and quality services and prioritizes customer satisfaction with prices received by customers. Thus customers will get a high “purchase value”. Serving in four main areas namely Residential, Hospital, Commercial and Industrial, and Restaurants.

Being the best clean water, waste and national health equipment company, benefits the people of Indonesia, and becomes a national icon that is able to compete with competitors from other countries.
  1. Creating a conducive, efficient, effective, controlled, certified and financial standard work atmosphere for shareholders and employees through an independent sharia basis
  2. Increasing product and service excellence and competitiveness through quality improvement, work discipline and SOP
  3. Providing facilities and infrastructure that are quality, up to date and modern, in order to create a quality workforce.
  4. Participate in socializing science and technology owned by the government as a regulator.